Jul 31, 2019 #1 So I just received my Yeti Nano microphone, however on my twitch stream I am getting an echo that repeats over and over quieter and quieter each time. Thank you for reading. Hi there, so my Blue Yeti Mic has been working fine for about 6-8 months from having it. Question / Help Blue Yeti - I get a repeating Echo. :) I recently bought a blue yeti microphone and it sounds very weird when i record on ps4 when i play it back compared to other youtubers mine doesnt sound so crisp, i do not use a capture card and i just use share factory, could that maybe muffling the sound? And record in comfort with Yeti’s side-address operation—just speak, sing or play into the Yeti on the same side as the Blue logo to capture pro sound. So from a cost perspective, Blue Yeti is better because it is a much better bargain when compared to AT2020, even if … Thread starter ps2cho; Start date Jul 31, 2019; P. ps2cho New Member. What settings? The microphone captures sound from the sides of the mic grill, not the top. This doesn’t mean AT2020 is bad, it is just that Blue Yeti is much better and at this price, you get a lot of the features that are available only in high-end professional grade mics. I can try to put a sound audio into this for you guys to see the problem WARNING TURN DOWN VOLUME! I got it around January and a couple weeks ago it turned into a robot. Hey Everyone! The Blue Yeti’s 4 modes and adjusting the gain settings; The optimal setting for your Blue Yeti Microphone to get better sound quality; Everything you need to know to get clear audio for your Blue Yeti Microphone; The Blue Yeti is a Side-Address Microphone. Hope I … The Yeti is a side-address microphone.

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