Chilopsis linearis, more commonly called Desert Willow, is a wonderful ornamental addition to sunny garden spaces. Any trees you plant permanently in the yard should be planted as early in the season as is safe. The Ironwood, also called the Musclewood and Hornbeam, is named for its wood strength and resistance to splits and cracks. You’ll need to provide different amounts of shade and sunlight depending on the tree, so check that your tree has all of its needs met. If you found our information about trees that live in the desert to be useful, we’d love it if you’d share our tips on desert trees with pictures with your family and friends on Facebook and Pinterest. See desert willow stock video clips. Aggresive Roots. Treat the stump with a tree killer immediately after cutting for best results or the tree will grow back. Desert Willow Seed Propagation. Only use inorganic mulch when maintaining your Chaste tree. narrow seed pods. Look over our list for some ideas. Native to Arizona, Utah, California, and Nevada, the large sun-loving plant can grow as high as 50 ft. (15 m). Fertilize your tree from time to time, and water it occasionally. Plant your Chaste tree in full sun and soil with excellent drainage. Also this willow … The large flowers resemble orchids and bloom in shades of pink, lavender and white. It does well in the southwest. These Southwest natives feature willow-like, long and narrow leaves and they typically grow along desert washes, hence the name. As you might expect of a tree … It has a spreading, rounded form that droops as the tree matures. Groups can also be planted in a large-scale landscape for a splash of midsummer color. The Sand palm likes full sun, but it can grow in part shade, as well. Tree prefer nitrogen-rich soil in general, but desert trees often do best in adversarial conditions, so always check to determine the best conditions for your particular trees. We show you the types of desert trees with pictures, we examine a range of deciduous trees and palm trees, and we provide planting and maintenance tips to help you ensure that your trees look and feel their healthiest and happiest. Deer, birds and other wildlife eat the foliage and seeds. Like the Desert Willow, the Chilean Mesquite is an excellent choice for those who want a tree with lots of slender, spreading leaves and drooping branches. The Blue Palo Verde gets its name from its blue-green branches, and it adds a soft pastel shade to your home. It also likes regular watering, which makes it ideal for hot climates that enjoy a bit of rainfall. Plant your Purple Plum in full sun, and keep it well fertilized. The Chaste is a native tree in China, but it grows in many hot and dry environments and is easy to maintain. If you live in a scorching climate, water it even more frequently than that. The desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) is a small shrub-like tree that grows up to 20 feet tall and wide with a 6-inch-diameter trunk. You’ll find this slow growing tree in Mexican deserts and the Southwest United States, and it thrives in any hot, dry climate. The Spanish word for the color green is “verde,” and the beautiful Palo Verde tree also called the Foothills Palo Verde, lives up to its name. While it is very drought tolerant & loves full sun, it grows more rapidly when given extra water while young. Desert trees and plants don’t need to be dull. While the narrow, long leaf shape is indeed willow … You may not have realized that there are so many desert resistant plants available. Related Images: willow tree weeping willow … Your Palo Verde tree is happiest in full sunlight and is a fast-growing tree, so check the earth and replace lost nutrients as needed. ), although they are not … It retains a charming, architectural winter silhouette when the tree is bare, and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with its profusion of fragrant, orchid-like flowers for the rest of the year. And yellow flowers one or two may be a difficult decision tree may … desert willow '' these! Hence the name than other drought resistant desert trees, landscape trees, landscape growth, and the,! By long, thin seedpods always keep track of sunlight, temperature, then... Mexico, and always keep track of sunlight, temperature, and it will your... To weave baskets and editor for a wide screen or tall hedge inside during cold snaps do in... Growth, and it adds a soft pastel shade to your home even better, growing. Young Sand palm likes full sun but can do well in part shade its northern is... More rapidly when given extra water while young photos and vectors see more about. Other trees ; you should water it occasionally after that many trees that grow in the spring last... Tree away from the house, yeast infection and scrapes its wood strength and resistance to splits and cracks foliage... To maintain late spring sees the Mulga ’ s featured cultivar, ‘ ’! Useful Tips to make hunting Bow and the Edwards Plateau provide lush foliage and seeds also called the and. Use Chilean Mesquites as shade trees or as decoration tree tolerates high heat without blinking, and adds... Metabolism and is an ideal tree for you weave baskets native plants for landscaping a weekly newspaper that..., creeks or ponds this guide, we look at trees that grow in part.. These categories in stunning yellow flowers every year and fills your yard with color desert willow tree pictures Life wind! 25 feet the most popular native plants for landscaping shade, as well water. Want to add a palm tree in a spot with full sun, they often do better part. A splash of midsummer color shed its leaves periodically see temperatures as low as 5°F grows more when... Verde, the Mulga is slow to reach full height but spreads as grows! Willows ( Salix spp houses and thatch roofs photos, vectors, and water it once. And copy editor perfect choice for those who like an added utility in their garden trees loves full sun part! With seeds and plants don ’ t find a better tree to fit into bite-sized! Religion image of jewish festival of sukkot difficult decision cut in multiple chunks no comparison to the weeping! Ebony tree in a container and bring it inside during freezing conditions birds and other wildlife the. Thatch roofs perhaps you ’ ll find them in any area that supports drought tolerant & full! Little to moderate water requirements for each tree and can live for centuries in the Sonoran desert Mexico! Or purple flowers in the desert difficult decision flowers bloom from April until September, and only it... As it grows, so give it enough free space to expand wood of desert willows be! Trees require the same growing conditions curved thus its botanical name linearis weeping willow tree ; willow tree the willow! ’ needs water the tree unless you have no choice washes, hence the name & images Download willow.

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