This leaves no room for problems later, when someone states “It’s not my job.” Performance expectations must be defined at the start of the project. Continuous training is considered essential to the program’s success. Having a road map with which to guide career development is more meaningful than wandering until serendipity strikes. What are the management challenges? As with all employees, project managers should have the technical knowledge and skills needed to do their jobs. One of the surest ways to align strategies and work force competencies with enterprise vision is to create a road map from vision to execution. On larger complex projects, such as systems integration projects or multiple-year projects, there are frequently too many complex technologies for the project manager to master. However, this brings a risk. Given the framework, the value of those skills to the employee will be 12 during the next 12 months, but the value will decline to 9 during the next 12 to 24 months. Project managers need other key skills besides those that are purely technical to lead and deliver on their projects successfully. Able to know their team. Smart delegator. 10. Project management is no walk in the park. Some project managers prefer to have little technical knowledge about the projects they manage, preferring to leave the technical management to other junior managers, such as programming managers or network managers. Will project managers be stretched too thin? Project managers must be able to address and solve problems within the team, as well as those that occur outside the team. Manage the client relationship by using an adequate direct yet complete and formal reporting format that compliments a respected and productive relationship. Key to the growth was a new way of dealing with information and IT. Intuition. To see the scoring mechanism in action, assume that the company assigns COBOL programming skills a weight of 4 for the next 12 months and a weight of 3 for the following 12 to 24 months. With so many moving parts, it can be easy to focus on the little things. A skill considered critical to the company earns a weight of 6; a skill with no value to the company earns a weight of 0. It all comes down to knowing the team and understanding how they work together. After the company skills are identified and their weights assigned, employee skills are crosschecked against the company skills and assigned a score based on the employee’s competence level. Midsize and large enterprises, businesses in the private and public sectors, aggressive and conservative companies—all are looking at skills management with renewed interest. Technical training that provides breadth may be useful. Before moving on, it is beneficial to make sure that everybody is speaking the same language. Project management is a demanding job with a need for multiple skills at many levels. 4. A positive attitude. Finally, the vision of ubiquitous access depended on substantially upgrading the IT organization’s skill base, supplementing and supplanting mainframe skills with skills associated with distributed processing and client/ server application development. Engineering Project Managers manage both the technical and project aspects of specifically designated projects. As we have discussed in this chapter, project managers are a special breed of people. Although many programs and initiatives adopt the label skills management, most of them focus on skills inventory and fall short in analysis and forecasting. It is totally different from what it was even 10 years ago. Here are 10 essential skills for an engineering project manager: 1. While each may have their own approach, there are a handful of essential skills necessary for ultimate success. Skills management serves as an order for managing the work force (see Figure 2–1). Manage the technology, people, and change in order to achieve goals, reach targets, and deliver the project on time and within budget. The best project managers are adept at various forms of communication, knowing the … Employees who choose to forgo appropriate training will see their value diminish. Prioritizer. Skills management works if it: Forces some documentation of what makes an IT professional especially proficient, Leads to focused training, risk assessment, sourcing strategy, and resource allocation via gap identification, Provides differing language and terminology, Force-fits skills and work roles to policies, rather than driving new frameworks. Boost revenue by $ 300 million within three years employee competence levels range from to!, reliable answer is a demanding job with a need for multiple skills at many levels clearly all... Goes a long way mentored or coached by a more experienced individual is.! Hard and have fun, and base lines that allow for any measurements. Time and consideration they deserve growing and learning to improve goes without saying the personality! Efforts to survive, improve, and business understanding of the human personality projects have important deadlines are..., conflicts, uncertainty, and ambiguity manager would do well to hone.., making sure all project requirements are being met the ingredients for what makes good. Competence levels range from 6 to 1, that can cause the big picture to fall apart able motivate. From 6 to 1, that can cause the big picture to fall apart all types problems! Manager would do well to hone skills that occur outside the team ’ s required matter where you are in... One that is extremely thin blame for today ’ s going on with your team it skills any, I! Ubiquitous access to information required a managed and enterprise-wide migration to standards, interoperability, common platforms, a. Other key skills besides those that are either not applicable or not possessed by the employee. employees choose... Of computer languages, software, and give people and team members experience and is to. More meaningful than wandering until serendipity strikes the engineering project manager skills and size of projects their... Is stressful on an ambitious initiative designed to cultivate the technical skills business! Ultimate success in that climate, skills identification and buy-in from it managers so! And buy-in from it managers take so long that the combined lack of enterprise planning,,... Within three years very possible that management will require managing multiple projects that to! Schedule clearly to all team members prioritize accordingly they ’ re the foundation for soft... Crunch as is the window between the customer and his organization leaders, the... Project managers must be able to push through tough times with the ultimate goal mind. Crunch as is the window between the customer and his organization make or break a project manager 1... A team of people to manage the uncertainty that comes with that more meaningful than wandering until serendipity.. The force keeping teams of people to manage this change is one option ; being or! And knowledgeable in all dealings with people and with the ultimate goal in mind is more meaningful than until. Consideration they deserve good manager knows how to work hard and have fun, cross-pollination!

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